• Available in different types: Universal Orifice Plates – Series 500; Paddle Type Orifice Plates (Orifice plates with RF sealing face) – Series 520; Ring Type Joint Orifice Plates (RTJ Orifice Plates)
  • Conform to the most stringent manufacturing processes to achieve optimum accuracy standards in the industry. Meets ANSI, ASME & API standards
  • Size: ½…36″; up to ASME Class 2500. Larger plates up to 60-in. line size available upon request.
  • Temperature: up to +450°C/+842°F
  • Bore Type: Concentric, Square edge, Bore and counter bore, Segmental, Eccentric, Quadrant round, Blank
  • Plate Thickness: 3.2 mm to 12.7 mm (0.125-in to 0.5-in). Other thicknesses available.
  • Available in 304 & 316 stainless steel and available in any material requested
  • Fast and accurate orifice bore calculations available
  • Custom engineered designs available


  • Universal Orifice Plates – Series 500
    • Our Universal Orifice Plates, also commonly called differential pressure orifice plates, are designed to be used with all standard orifice fitting assemblies or RTJ plate holders. Standard industry sizing allows our plates to be used with any of the dual- or single- chambered orifice fittings on the market.
    • These are the most commonly used method of differential pressure flow measurement due to their simplicity, predictable and reliable performance, ease of installation, and tolerance to extreme atmospheric and process conditions.
  • Paddle Type Orifice Plates (Orifice plates with RF sealing face) – Series 520
    • Paddle Orifice Plates are used with raised-face orifice flanges for measurement applications and installed between standard ASME flanges for restriction applications.
    • These plates fit snugly within the bolt circle of the raised face flanges & holding blocks, so that when the bolt circles get bigger and smaller, the plates also get bigger and smaller. The O.D. of the orifice plates varies with the pressure of the flanges.
    • The plate and handle are a one-piece seamless design on 1/8-in. thick orifice plates for line sizes 2-inch though 6 inch and ASME classes less than 900. On all other plates, the handle is welded to the plate as standard; one-piece construction is available as an option. The flange ASME class and other standard information is stamped on the handle.
  • Ring Type Joint Orifice Plates (RTJ Orifice Plates)

The RTJ type orifice plate incorporates an integral gasket, either oval or octagonal ring, for mounting between RTJ flanges. It’s proven technology has no moving parts and is suitable for high temperature and pressure applications. Plate thicknesses depend on line size and differential pressure, and may be machined in one piece, or alternatively from two pieces, with an orifice plate (Series 500) screwed onto a carrier ring/gasket.

  • Series 560: Machined as one piece – ring and plate together and available in all ring sizes.
  • Series 590
    • Manufactured with hold-down screws and use universal plates for the orifice bore.
    • The plate can be removed, in order to put in another plate. Commonly used on larger lines.

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